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The nights where your laying there. Tears running down your face. Trying you hardest to tell yourself you don’t love him, you don’t love him over and over again but each word is muffled as you sit there crying into your pillow hoping just hoping that its all just a bad dream and he is laying there waiting for you to wake up. But the reality is he is gone and your alone

Trying to move on.

Moving on has got to be the hardest. You try to shut him out hoping he will message you first. Then you realaize, he never will. And you sit there wondering to yourself what you did wrong, what happend to everything and then you try to act happy and joyful when you talk and actually your dying inside. The “xxx” end up fading, the long message turn into a sentence and the “I love you” stops all together. And its those changes that make it hard for you. You start to think that you can live without him and then BOOM your heart smashes all over again by the littlest things.